Superhero Origins: Rorschach

Superhero Origins: Rorschach

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10 Awesome Trailers For Absolutely Terrible Movies

Trailers lie to you. They lie to you all the time. That’s their job: to get you excited about seeing a movie that, if you had all the facts before you, you’d have no interest in ...

The Lego Movie Proves an Australian Blockbuster

The Lego Movie is continuing its small plastic stampede across the globe, with its opening weekend figures in Australia topping $5.7 million, putting it firmly on track to be one of ...
Cameron Diaz-ap

Cameron Diaz Worried About ‘Ugly’ Bikini Slip

Actress Cameron Diaz was worried her bikini would slip down while she was shooting scenes for “The Other Woman”. The 41-year-old, who stars alongside Leslie Mann and Kate ...

Fitzgibbons Turns it On at Bells Beach

Bells Beach specialist Sally Fitzgibbons has surged straight into the quarter-finals at the Rip Curl Pro, dominating a high-quality encounter in excellent waves. Two of the Australian’s ...
Pompeii Review

Pompeii Review

It’s not hard to figure out where POMPEII is heading, the climax is going to be the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD in all its 3D glory. But before we get to a spectacular ...